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About the game

Real-life or live room escape game is an interactive adventure game known for the fact that the players are actually physically within the story in real space and time. Who are the players? You and Your friends, as a chosen team locked inside a certain room from which you need to “escape” within a given time period. The game originated in Asia, some time before 2010. Then came to Europe, eventually America and other continents. First games of this sort appeared in Serbia in early 2014.

What you should know

Tasks and riddles do not require any special skills in order to be solved. Successful solving means using logic and deductive reasoning in the first place, along with some basic English knowledge. Try to reach the solution creatively with applying a different perspective view to certain tasks. You need to be observant, resourceful, quick-witted and rely on your sharp eye and good memory. Any clue you perceive could steal your time or guide you to the exit.

Aim of the game

In the first place it’s good fun and great quality time spent! If you happen to be a fan of the game, besides good fun, the aim is to exit the room in the allotted time. Through solving numerous logic problems, interesting riddles and various puzzles you will come across some secret messages, reveal hidden codes and find the way out!

Who can play

The game is well suited to all who seek fun and entertainment, like team play, want to satisfy their competitive spirit, wish to develop creative thinking, enjoy solving riddles and logic puzzles and love to try new things. Children accompanied by adults are welcome. It is a great choice for gathering with friends or colleagues, a reason for team building or a birthday surprise!

Help in the game

If you don’t know how to solve a certain task, don’t worry, you are not alone! Game-master follows the game on the screen so that you can be given a hint at request. Feel free to ask for a timely help tip. After all, it’s about entertainment!

How long is the game

60 min. is at your disposal to find the way to ESCAPE from the room and finish the game. When the time elapses you will certainly leave. If you don’t finish the game in 1 hour, we can tell you the solution or you are welcome to try again another day with the same team. If, for any reason, you must leave the room before the game ends, EXIT button will automatically open the door.


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